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2007 Spring Hootenanny

Introducing Glynnsong's Encore
OKW Entrigue+++// x Gardjana

Encore, 11 days old

Chef Chris' crispy critters for carnivores.

Marion and Kay


Felicia, Nan, and Gail

Kelly and Don

Sandy and Nigel

The three "C's": Cindy, Chris and Carl

Caroline and Romney


Margaret, Thea, Patience, JJ and Kay

Kathy and Keith


Kathy, Keith and a perpetually hungry Uma


Barbara and Chris


Caroline, Romney, and Maddy

Nan, Mad Dog and Gail


Kelly, Don, Kyle, and Rhea

Rick and Catherine

Lisa and Carl

John and Bob

Carol and Patience

Friend of Carly, Diana and Carly

Maddy and Dawn

John, Nancy and Chris

Evelyn, Romney and Doris

Lesley and Jo

Part of the Dave Ford Band

Alan and Ronnie

Maddy and Susie

Mrs. Mark and Mark (guests from Scotland),
Angelia and Allan

Scottish guests

Mike, Cyndy and Mad Dog

Mike, Mad Dog and Tomi

Celeste and Mackenzie

Patience and Jennifer

Mike on a bike

Allan on his custom bike with Scottish buddy

Chris breaks out his guitar

Chris and Romney

Patience, Caroline's friend from the 5th grade, Caroline

The band has gone home and it's jam time.


Even Calamity gets into the act.


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