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News and Events
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A Day in the Country at Glynnsong Farms
June 5, 2016


A glorious day it turned out to be with no wind, no fog, and plenty of sunshine without the heat. We were very honored to have Paula Langan, manager of the Central Office of the California Dressage Society and USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist, narrate the show assisted by Eden Ridlon. Along with Patience Prine-Carr, other super stars presenting the training scales were Bea Di Grazia, Olympic Eventing Coach, USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist & "R" Licensed Judge; Tracy Osborn, USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist & Trainer at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center; and Jennifer Nuckton, USDF Bronze Medalist & Chapter Co-Chair of the Carmel Valley Dressage Society. Also on hand were representatives from The Monterey Horse Park, The Carmel Tack Shop, Wellscents Essential Oils, and The Carmel Valley Dressage Society.

• Stallions presented were WP Aulsovain++, Encandescent, and Reverberation
• Training Level Movements were demonstrated by Electric Hi
• 1st Level Movements by WP Aulsovaine++
• 2nd & 3rd Level Movements by OKW Radar and Isle of Japan
• 3rd & 4th Level Movements by Utmost
• Finale: The highest level of training–FEI Level Movements by OKW Suspense

Melody (JJ) kept the food and wine flowing and the day ended with a raffle drawing and stallions presented in the fields by anyone requesting a viewing.

A special thank you to everyone for coming.

Click here to see Photos from 2016 Day in the Country

Glynnsong Farms Annual Christmas Party
December 6, 2015

Although rain was in the forecast for our party day, none materialized and the temperature held steady at about 65 degrees with no wind...absolutely perfect! Carolyn Sills Combo provided the lively background music and friends from far and wide came bearing wonderful foods and drinks to share with everyone. Beautiful friends, delicious food, great music, friendly horses and dogs all shared in our annual Christmas get together. With gratitude to all who came and to those who couldn't make it, we wish everyone a joyous holiday!

Click here to see 2015 Christmas Photos

A Day in the Country
July 25, 2015


We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day with temps in the mid 70's
to present our Stallions and Sale Horses. We extend our profound thanks to
everyone who came out and to those who lent a hand to make for a wonderful
day. Special thanks to Eden Ridlon, my right-hand lady, who groomed, braided,
showed horses and even provided some great commentary! Also to Emily Hyde,
who groomed and ran horses as well. Sharon Byford-Ruth was our expert
on blood lines and an exceptional announcer. Thanks too to my sister, Melody,
Ev, Kirstin and Doris Henry, Miranda Webster, and Jamie Kennedy from
Horse Feathers. Dawn Poston spoke on the Monterey Horse Park and the need
for regional support. Cheryl Beller from Well Scents created a custom scent
for me called "Patience" to be used on horses, dogs, and people.
Michael Gaither and John Begley provided the background music.

For photos from A Day in the Country, click here.

2014 Sport Horse National
Arabian & Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show
September 24-27, 2014
Idaho Center Horse Park • Nampa, Idaho

Congratulations to all our winners!
ALL horses got Top Ten or better in every class we entered!!

Dark Prankster+++// (“Peet”)
Champion Intermediar 1
Champion Intermediar B
Champion Show Hack
Reserve Champion Show Hack with Maddy!

Patience, Peet and his trophies!

Peet's roses!

PeetTrophiesRosesPeet's trophies!


So Jazz'd
Top Ten Training level Dressage
Top Ten First Level Dressage
Top Ten Sport Horse Under Saddle

So Jazz’d


Encandescent (“Thunder”)
Top Ten Training level dressage Junior horse
Top Ten Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior horse



The accomplishments of these young horses made us all proud!

Day in the Country at Glynnsong Farms
July 19, 2014

A presentation of the Champions, horses in training,
jumping and dressage demonstrations at Glynnsong Farms
with local wines, food, and vendors.

Many thanks to Paul Keenan, Carol Mingst, Erin Ward
and all the friends who lent a generous helping hand or two.
Click here for photos: Day in the Country

The 59th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show
February 13th — February 23rd, 2014

We had a great show with Sandy Warren and partner Ed Dodd's two stallions:

• Aur Mystic Illusion won the huge training level stakes class.
This was his first show ever and
he was only in dressage training since Nov. 17th!

• Aur Mystic Alexander also had some great
scores of 75% in his very first time in the show ring, and he won
Champion Sport Horse Stallion with Paul Keenan showing him.

• Congratulations to Louise Kistner and her family on the purchese of
OKW Atomic+++// who won the Prix St George and
his very first freestyle with a score of 70%.

• Region 2 Championships - Peet came through with flying colors winning both
his classes I-1 with a score of 67% and also the Show Hack.

• Radar had his debut at 3rd level and made us proud with a score of 62%
Radar went in his first Show Hack and didn't disappoint with a 2nd in
the qualifing show and then Top 5 (3rd) in the Regional Championships.
He was also Reserve Champion in 3rd level

• Encandescent got to go and just went in the Sport Horse Undersaddle
Junior Horse. He was very scared at the big show with lots of horses and
riding for the first time in the covered arena but tried to please and
came home with a Reserve Championship!

Glynnsong Farms' Annual Xmas Party
December 8, 2013

Closing out another successful year, Chris and Patience Carr hosted their annual Christmas party in appreciation to all their friends and clients. The weather was brisk and very chilly following days of below freezing temperatures, but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying the excellent potluck and Chris' delicious pot of bouillabaisse. The Carolyn Sills Combo provided boot stomping music, inspiring a couple of dancers to kick up their heels! If you want to hear more of Carolyn's wonderful music, Carolyn and her band will be putting on their annual Christmas show at Don Quixote's on December 19th.
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!

For photos from the party, click here: Xmas photos

Arabian Sport Horse Nationals
September 18-22, 2013
Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA

Proudly presenting: Dark Prankster +++//
National Champion Intermediare 1
Top Ten Show Hack Open
Top Ten Show Hack ATR Amateur with Marielle

"Peet" with owner Maddy Hoshizaki


"Peet" in the ribbons

OKW Atomic++/
Top Ten (3rd) 4th Level Dressage
Top Ten 3rd Level Dressage
Top Ten Show Hack (1st on dressage judges card)


Atomic hard at work

Shamanism (only 3 years old)
Top Ten Open Sport Horse Undersaddle



Watch for this youngster in upcoming shows!

Marielle Watson with her mare August Melody
Marielle won Reserve Champion in
Open Purebred Sport Horse In Hand Mares
and Top Ten in ATH
Congratulations, Marielle!

Region 2 Championships

We only took Dark Prankster+++//
He was CHAMPION in EVERY EVENT he entered!!
• Prix St. George Open with Patience
• PSG ATR with Maddy
• 4th level ATR with Maddy
• Show Hack open with Patience
• Show Hack ATR with Maddy

58th Annual Scottdale Arabian Horse Show
February 14-24, 2013

OKW Atomic++ was a star!
Champion 3rd AND 4th level–his very first time showing 4th Level

Aulways Magic+++// (shown above)

Debuted in Prix St George and won both his classes
with scores over 60%. Also he was Reserve Champion SH Stallion.

OKW Radar
with Marielle Watson got Top Ten in 1st Level ATR
and Top Ten in SHUS ATR

Glynnsongs Encore++/
got some great scores in very tough competion and
ended up 4th in the 1st Level Stakes and also 4th in SHIH geldings which
was a huge class of 16 very nice geldings.

Tracy Oliver's Midnight Booty Call
got Reserve Champion SHUS Jr. Horse
with Michele Mahoney riding.


Glynnsong Farms' Annual Xmas Party
in memory of our friend, Maddog (Bob Rainey)
December 8, 2012
The weather was gorgeous, the guests were exemplary, the food was delicious and plentiful and the music was delightful. Carolyn Sills and Gerard Egan provided the entertainment and if you missed the party, they will be putting on a Christmas show at Don Quixote on December 20, 2012.

For photos from the party, click here: Xmas photos

Sport Horse National Championships
September 18-23, 2012

Dark Prankster+++//
4th Level Dressage 70%
Prix St George ATR with Maddy
Show Hack ATR with Maddy
• Top Ten 4th level ATR with Maddy
• Top Ten Show Hack

Glynnsongs Encore++
Sport Horse Undersaddle Junior Horse
• Top Ten (3rd) Training level
Junior Horse
• Top Ten First Level
• Top Ten Geldings in hand ATH
with Marielle

Aulways Magic+++//
Third level dressage
• Top Ten 4th level dressage
• Top Ten Show Hack
• Top Ten Stallions with Marielle
• Top Ten Stallions ATH with Marielle


PeetTrotNCDark Prankster+++//

Glynnsongs Encore++

Pacific Slopes—just took Aullie
September 5-9, 2012

Aulways Magic
Champion Stallion
Champion Show Hack
Champion 4th level
Res. Champion 3rd level

Region 2 Championship results!!
August 8-12, 2012 • Santa Barbara


Aulways Magic
CHAMPION 3rd level dressage
CHAMPION 4th level dressage

Dark Prankster
CHAMPION Prix St George
CHAMPION 4th level ATR

Glynnsongs Encore
CHAMPION Sport Horse undersaddle junior horse
Top 5 training level dressage
Top 5 first level dressage
Top 5 Geldings

OKW Atomic
Top 5 2nd level dressage
Top 5 3rd level dressage
Top 5 Sport Horse undersaddle
Top 5 Geldings

OKW Radar
Top 5 Geldings
Top 5 Geldings ATH
Top 5 Training level ATR
Top 5 Sport horse undersaddle ATR


July 4-8, 2012 • Pebble Beach
Great showing at Pebble Beach!

• Aulways Magic was the 3rd level Perpetual Trophy winner!!
• OKW Atomic was hot on his heels and got 2nd! So happy with Atomic also in 2nd level with a 67%

Perfect ending to Pebble Beach with . . . Aulways Magic winning the 4-3 and OKW Atomic winning the 2-3 and
then to top it off
Aullie was CHAMPION HIGH SCORE 3rd level and . . .
Atomic was Reserve Champion High Score 2nd AND 3rd level!!!

Fun show!


Region 3 • June 26-July 1, 2012 • Championships in Elk Grove
Another wonderful Region 3 Championship show!!

Aulways Magic++/ was 4th level Champion and
Show Hack Champion plus Res. Champion in 3rd level
and top 5 SHIH Stallions

Glynnsongs Encore was Champion SHUS Jr.

Dark Prankster+++// was Champion PSG and Show Hack with me and Champion 4th level ATR and Show Hack ATR with Maddy.

OKW Atomic got top 5 in his 1st and 2nd level tests and
top 5 in SHIH geldings.

It was a very fun show!
Thanks to all my clients and good friends!!

Region 7 • April 24-27, 2012 in Scottsdale, AZ
Region 7 Championships was a very Hot but great show!
Our horses were Super Stars!

Aulways Magic++/
CHAMPION 4th level Dressage with a 68%
Reserve Champion 3rd level with 69%!

OKW Atomic++/
CHAMPION 1st level with 71%
CHAMPION 2nd level with 69%

Glynnsongs Encore
Reserve Champion Gelding and Top Five training level!!!

Thank you to my wonderful clients
and to Marielle Watson for such a great show!

Our horses glittered in Scottsdale! Congratulations to all our winners!
Arabian Horse Show
February 17–27, 2012

Aulways Magic++/
• CHAMPION SH stallion—shown by
Marielle Watson
• CHAMPION High Score 3rd Level Dressage
• CHAMPION High Score 4th level Dressage
• First time shown 3rd and 4th level
and won ALL his tests!!

OKW Atomic+++/
• CHAMPION First level dressage stakes
• CHAMPION High Score dressage
• First time shown 2nd level 67.9%

SSA Mister Jimmy
• Reserve CHAMPION First level stakes
• Reserve CHAMPION High Score First level
• First time ever shown in dressage!

• TOP TEN Training Level open
• TOP TEN First level open
• TOP TEN Training level ATR
• First time shown ever and scores
in high 60's to 70%

Tinkerbells Magic
• 2nd SH mares
• 6th out of 16 in SHUS jr. open
• TOP TEN SHUS Jr Horse Championship
• Very first show ever and she isn't even 3 yrs old yet!!! Less then 60 days under saddle!!!!!!!!!!! Such a STAR!!!!!!!!!



The Incredibly Hardworking Ladies
of Glynnsong Farms . . .
Marielle and Patience

Special Thanks to Owners/Clients:
Tracy Oliver, Charna Watts and
Mary Jo Wertheimer

Aullie warming up

SSA Mister Jimmy


Tinkerbell's Magic - Photo courtesy of Maupin

A super way to end the show!!!

Our horses do us proud!

Aullie is now: Aulways Magic ++/
• USDF Champion 2nd Level
• Reserve Champion 1st Level
• Vintage Cup Champion 1st and 2nd Level

"Peet" • Dark Prankster+++// is now:
• USDF Reserve Champion Prix St. George
• Champion PSG Vintage Cup and . . .
• USEF Champion Horse of the Year FEI !!!

Many thanks to all who came to Glynnsong's 2011 Annual Christmas Party!!!
The food was great, the weather was perfect and the music outstanding!
We were lucky to have the talented Carolyn Sills, accompanied by her husband, Gerard Egan,
entertain us with her beautiful voice and great country/western music.
To see photos from the party, click here: Party Pix

Congratulations to all our winners at the
Arabian Sport Horse Nationals

Lexington, KY
September 28 to October 2, 2011

Aulways Magic+/
Second Level Dressage
• Top Ten Show Hack
• Top Ten First Level Dressage
• Top Ten Stallions
• Top Ten Stallions ATH -shown by Marielle Watson

SV Rabba Rex
• Top Ten Training Level Dressage Junior Horse

AullieTracyAulways Magic+/ with Tracy

Aulways Magic+/ with his supporting team


Aulways Magic+/ in the Rolex Arena

Aulways Magic+/ in a trot

SV Rabba Rex



Aulways Magic+/ being shown in hand
by Marielle Watson in the ATH class.


Looking forward to seeing
everyone in Scottsdale in 2012!

Region 3 Championships
Elk Grove, CA • June 22-26, 2011
Congratulations to all our winners!!!

• Dark Prankster+++//
CHAMPION 1/2 Arab Show Hack
CHAMPION 1/2 Arab Show Hack ATH
with Maddy
Reserve Champion 4th Level
Reserve Champion PSG

• Glynnsongs Encore
CHAMPION Sport Horse Undersaddle Jr. Horse
shown by Ellie Crawford
Reserve Champion 1st Level
Top 5 (tied for reserve champion) SHIH Geldings

• Aulways Magic
CHAMPION 1st Level
shown by Ellie Crawford
Reserve Champion Show Hack
Top 5 Second Level
Top 5 SHIH Stallions

• OKW Atomic

Reserve Champion SH Geldings ATH
shown by Ellie Crawford

• Ashia Princess V+++//
Top 5 SHIH Mares Open and ATH
Top 5 Third Level Dressage
Top 5 SHUS

Encandescent didn't show at the regional championships because he was too young but showed at the pre show and won his class and ended up CHAMPION Sport Horse Prospect! This was for all the two year old and under foals–fillies, colts and geldings.

We also showed Encore and 'Thunder' together for the 'Get of Sire' class and they won for Ricky!!

The ribbons at right are all from Region 3.
The hard work pays off—thanks to everyone!







Aulways Magic • Undersaddle

Region 2 Championships
Santa Barbara, CA • June 15-19, 2011
• OKW Atomic
CHAMPION Training Level
Reserve Champion SH Geldings Open and ATH
Top 5 1st Level
Top 5 Sporthorse Undersaddle
• Aulways Magic
Champion 2nd Level
Champion Show Hack
Reserve Champion 1st Level
Top 5 SH Stallion Open and ATH


Glynnsong Farms
Sport Horse Seminar
& Stallion Showcase
was held Friday, May 27
thru Sunday, May 29, 2011

Click here for photos

More will come later . . .


Scottsdale Arabian
Horse Show
Scottsdale, Arizona
February 17-27, 2011

We came home with
4 Championships
and NINE Firsts!
Not a bad show
for only 4 horses!

Click here for photos and details


Glynnsong Farms' 10th Annual Xmas Party
was held on December 4th, 2010.

The rain held off for most of the party;
but gobs of delicious food, music by Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai,
and lots of good company made for a fun time!

Even the dogs and horses seemed to enjoy the company and the music!!!
For those who attended, thanks for coming
and for those who couldn't make it, we missed you!

Happy Holidays!
Click here to see photos: 2010 Xmas Party

to our winners at the
. . .

2010 Sport Horse National
September 22-25, 2010
Nampa, Idaho

Ashai Princess V+++//
(photo coming)
• Top Ten Second Level Dressage

Bonne Vivant +++//
(shown at left)
• Top Ten Training Level Dressage
• Top Ten First Level Dressage
• Top Ten Show Hack

CNASHA Arabian Sport Horse Show - Elk Grove
June 5-6, 2010

Congratulations to Bonne Vivant++ for winning ALL his dressage tests;
he earned high score of the show for the 3rd show in a row!
He also has earned his Legion of Honor and Legion of Merit
so he gets ++ after his name!!

Also a huge congratulations Katie's Ricky colt Entourage
for winning at Del Mar Region 1.

Entourage was Champion half Arab stallion!

Here is Entourage in winning form.

DAHA Region 3

May 20-23, 2010

Congratulations to Maddy, Peet, Bonne Vivant and Princess!

Photos are coming soon.

AHASFV 47th Annual Arabian Horse Show
Santa Barbara, CA
May 13-16, 2010

Congratulations to Bonne Vivant and Princess!

Results and Photos

Highlights from the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show
February 11-21, 2010
Congratulations to Princess and Encore! Photos and Results
We are proud to announce that our good friend and writer, Jennifer Walker, has published an inspiring story, Bubba Goes National, in the first of the Riders of Green Meadow series, and is now taking preorders on her web site: http://www.authorjennwalker.com/bubba.html

2014 Events Calendar

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March 20-25 Region 2 Championships
April 11-13 Pacific Slopes Championships - Rancho Murieta, CA**
April 22-27 Region 7 Championships - Scottsdale, AZ**
May 8-11 AHASFV - Santa Barbara, CA
May 15-18 DAHA Spring Horse Show
May/June 30-June 1 Dressage at Gilroy Gaits - Gilroy, CA**
June 6-8 SFP 47th Annual Dressage - Gilroy, CA
June 26-29 PCASH & Region 3 Championships**
July 4-6 Dressage at Gilroy Gaits - Gilroy, CA
July 11-13 Woodside Summer Dressage - Woodside, CA
August 15-17 Dressage in Los Alamos - Los Alamos, CA
August 23-24 Dressage Paso Robles - Paso Robles, CA
September 18-21 USDF Region 6 Championships** - Nampa, Idaho
September 24-27 Sport Horse National Championships** - Nampa, Idaho
**Events we will be attending
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